Todd Tyson
Food & Beverage Manager

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“Camellia Place was created by people who believe giving back is the greatest gift one can give,” said Executive Chef Todd Tyson. “Using my talents in the kitchen and adding joy to someone’s day through food is a gift I can give daily.”

Before becoming the first executive chef at Camellia Place, Todd was the sous chef at Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, Georgia, for more than a decade. He started his career at the Hyatt in Hilton Head after earning his associate degree in culinary arts from Johnson and Wales University in 1998. The Grand Hyatt brought him to Atlanta where he moved up to sous chef during his five years with Hyatt hotels after serving as Garde Manger, considered by many to the one of the most demanding jobs for a chef.

The Garde Manger has to constantly be focused on wholesomeness, sanitation, seasonings, time and temperatures and is often the most versatile individual in the kitchen. His versatility might explain why he doesn’t have a favorite dish or prefer a specific cuisine, a surprise to those who know he is a chef.

“I appreciate all foods, love new challenges and celebrate every new experience,” he explained.

A true master of food and flavor, Todd’s experience in high end resorts, catering food to multiple locations and delivering outstanding service makes every meal a memorable experience.

When not creating delicious dishes full of flavor and fresh, healthy ingredients, Todd loves taking his wife and girls to their family farm in Alabama to camp, fish and cookout. While his father taught him the importance of hard work, loyalty and being grateful for those around him, Todd says his kids have made him the person he is today.

“The Camellia Place staff is close, like a family,” Todd said. It’s no surprise he fits in perfectly.

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