Respite Care for Recovery and Rest

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Respite Care: Taking Care of the Caregiver

Caring for an elderly loved one offers many rewards but can also take a toll on one’s personal life. Camellia Place offers peace of mind through temporary respite care for medical or surgical recovery or family time away. Guests enjoy the same services and support as residents—a minimum of 30 days for respite care. Please contact us for more details and see if respite care, assisted living or memory care is right for you and your loved ones.

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With our emergency or short-term care, we want to provide support and peace of mind to caregivers by offering the best assistance possible.

Camellia Place has partnered with premiere healthcare partners to provide on-site physicians and clinicians.

Physical therapy, occupational and speech therapies, home health, hospice, and pharmacy services are also available on site.

For more help and information, download this e-book: CHOOSING AN ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY

We view every experience, moment by moment, as therapeutic.

Respite-for-Caregivers and Family

“Thank you to so many for finding ways in a memory care unit to continually brighten the days of my mother-in-law for the last two years. The love + kindness she was shown by your staff, up until the very end, constantly and consistently reaffirmed this was THE best home for her. We couldn’t be more appreciative for you all and all that you did.”

K. Wenzel

“You have made the best!! I love this place. There are people everywhere to help. My husband is in building 100. I am in 300. He needs lots of help. I don’t but we both get what we need — a loving staff and a zillion other great things.”

Mrs. J

My dear friend is always talking about how wonderful everyone is at Camellia Place and how she loves it there! So nice to hear since we miss her back here in New Jersey ! Thanks for all your caring ways !”

E. Sivori

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