Assisted Living: Changing the perception of senior care one life at a time

My Daughter Said We Should Move to Camellia Place for Assisted Living because they focus on the ‘living’ part

Camellia Place breaks the mold of Assisted Living with personalized care and amenities that go above and beyond traditional assisted living and memory care for seniors. Recently, residents of Camellia Place shared their perspective of what it’s like living at Camellia Place.

I became familiar with Camellia Place through my daughter. As my husband and I got older, she felt that we should relinquish our apartment and move there. As a radio personality, she would suggest this place to those searching for a senior care facility. She had also met some of the staff and felt comfortable enough for her parents to live there. The ability for her to check on us whenever she wanted was also a selling point. She finally convinced us that we needed to live there and we did. We moved in and I really liked it. The location was also close to my daughters, so they could visit when they wanted. My husband and I lived there together for more than a year until he passed away.

Life after the passing of my husband has not been easy, but living at Camellia Place has been therapeutic. Life is very busy here. I get up early in the morning and I do everything myself. No one does anything for me as I am very independent. I start my day with breakfast where I talk with everyone and get a chance to see all the residents. After breakfast, there is a fun activity. I go to art or painting class, or play games. The staff keep us engaged and will always have something for us to do.

Assisted Living Georgia

Next up is lunch where we eat good food together. And of course, there will be more fun to be had after lunch. I like to read, and the book I am reading now is one on Asperger’s Syndrome. I used to work with children who had this condition, so learning about it in more detail has been very interesting.

The facility is just wonderful and I personally think that I have the best room. Going to the kitchen where we commune together is just a few steps away. I can hear everything, even with a closed door, but it doesn’t bother me. I love the tv area and the little spaces that we can go to and just hang out with each other.

The front porch is a special place. In fact, it’s our favorite. It is open on both ends and we are drawn to its cool breeze. We have special events here, like concerts, and we gather here to talk about whatever is on our minds. It is also special because it is where we spend time with our families. Camellia Place is fairly close to my daughter so she can drop by if she needs to, or if I have to have something that needs her attention. She doesn’t drop by often, but she’ll call and leave things down here and they will bring it up to me. And she calls every night to check on me. So, I stay connected to my own family.

Oh my goodness! They bring in all kinds of animals for us to see. We had a baby pig last week and petting him was a hoot. In addition, we had a baby goat, a horse, dogs and rabbits. We’ve had so many different types of animals.

The wonderful caregivers at Camellia Place try hard to keep us happy all the time. Everybody around here does a really good job with that, other staff included. But the caregivers know what we like and don’t like. Most of the residents are very independent, and they try to accommodate our needs and wants. For example, if we like a certain thing at dinner, they will get it. Or, if you don’t like what’s on the menu, they will substitute something. They get to know us like that. It’s like an extra family.

In fact, if I had to sum up my experience at Camellia Place in one word, it would be “family.” It has a family atmosphere. We get to know a lot about each other. We don’t tell all our secrets, but we get to know each other individually, and what our likes and dislikes are. We get to know each other’s favorite things, what we like to talk about, and what we like to say over and over and over again as we get older. We all get along really well. The “homey” atmosphere is my favorite thing about being here.

Memory Care facility in Georgia receives rave reviews

Family Members of Camellia Place Residents Express Heartfelt Gratitude 

Best Assisted Living 2020

Each year thousands of seniors enter skilled nursing facilities to receive care for physical and/or mental disabilities. For many family members who must place their loved ones in these institutions, they experience high levels of anxiety. And, some of that anxiety is justified.

It is not easy for them to put family members in the permanent care of others. It’s hard to relax knowing that the ability to protect their elderly mother or father is out of their hands. They wonder how their loved one is doing, and how they are being treated in the care facility.

In the wake of a changing pandemic environment, some things will never change, however. Such is the mission of Camellia Place. Camellia Place was designed to be different.

It was designed to look and feel different. It is a senior care home that takes care of those seniors with varying degrees of disability, and must be cared for in a skilled, yet nurturing environment. In its memory care program, for example, 

Alzheimer’s patients receive specialized care in the hopes of maintaining brain function. It was created to be a place where seniors become each other’s family members, and form lasting bonds. The care they receive has put Camellia Place in the national spotlight for its ability to care for seniors in a creative and compassionate way.

The cards and letters come from family members communicate similar heartfelt expressions of thanks. One relative writes: “Thank you for doing so much to keep my mom…safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.” Another family member writes, “[We] have thanked God repeatedly that [she] is there and being so well taken care of.” 

One family member, Candy Morrison, whose parents are residents of Camellia Place–and the mother recently passed away–says of their decision to place her parents there: “As a family, we could not have done better.” In other words, there was no better place than Camellia Place in which her parents could get the love and care they needed.

In the hearts of these relatives, their decision to trust the staff at Camellia Place with the care of their parents meant peace of mind. That is something that money cannot buy.

To learn more about Camellia Place and the levels of care they provide visit their website or get directions for an in-person ‘socially distant’ visit.

Camellia Place is the present and future of Assisted Living & Memory Care

Memory care and assisted living at Camellia Place is like a second family.

Whoever coined the phrase “growing old gracefully” probably did not live at Camellia Place. Here, happy seniors are getting older every day, just not in a rocking chair recalling the good ol’ days. They are considered extended family members who are adding life to their years by staying engaged with the world around them.

Camellia Place in Woodstock, GA is an unconventional, assisted-living community.

But, just before you conjure up images of a large, uninviting building with senior citizens milling about, think spacious homes in a beautiful rural setting. At Camellia Place, the living arrangement is very different from its traditional counterpart. Nestled in eight beautifully landscaped acres, this neighborhood is composed of six single-story homes with only 16 residents in each, eliminating even the hint of institutional care. It is a neighborhood of homes designed to foster a sense of community within the community, where residents eat and play together.

Forging New Friendships and Families

The advantages of this small-home model are many. First, residents live pretty much as a normal family does. They participate in recreational activities and socialization events that keep them connected. They enjoy delicious meals around the table and exercise daily to keep mentally and physically fit. Each house has a porch that allows for “concerts in the park” where residents sit on their porches to watch a band. Seniors even participate in activities that give a major adrenaline rush, like the watery slip and slide.

Looking ahead, Camellia Place is the model of the future. Its importance became even more prominent with the unexpected onslaught of the Coronavirus and its horrendous impact on seniors and institutions tasked with their care. With the worldwide outbreak at pandemic levels, many assisted living facilities have been locked down. Further isolating a vulnerable group already subjected to profound loneliness, many residents are restricted to their rooms in order to avoid spreading the virus by means of social interaction.

While seniors are isolated in their rooms, residents at Camellia Place did no such thing. They practiced social distancing and enjoyed the same activities that they did previously. Thus, this proved to be a viable model of assisted living well into the future. The living layouts not only prevent the spread of the virus, but also give residents a healthy and vibrant lifestyle during their senior years.

Memory Care and Assisted Living Neighborhood

“This is why we built Camellia Place. We are locally owned by engaged and committed healthcare leaders who set out to change the perception and break outdated paradigms. We are elevating expectations of assisted living and memory care, and providing a quality of life that brings peace of mind,” says Lisa Hatton, sales director at Camellia Place.

Every aspect of life at Camellia Place is planned. Whether it’s the fresh daily meals, the activities that improve coordination, or help with memory function, staff work hard behind the scenes to make this the special place that it is. There are weekly on-site visits by a doctor and a nurse, and residents can be examined on-site. Families of residents continue to give Camellia Place high marks for the outstanding care their loved ones receive, and the security they have in knowing that their loved ones are being well taken care of.

When the pandemic began ramping up in the U.S., most senior living providers shuttered their dining rooms, ceased normal activities, and halted move-ins and tours as a way to prevent the disease’s spread. In the months since, many have maintained those strict precautions as a way to protect their residents, given the disease’s ability to spread asymptomatically. However, it is not yet known how long providers can sustain this way of doing business.

The Best Is Yet To Come for this Neighborhood Style Assisted Living in Georgia

Although Camellia Place is the first community of its kind, it certainly won’t be the last. Unlike its more traditional senior living counterparts, some providers which focus on small-house settings have not had to disrupt their residents’ lives quite as much when implementing infection control measures. And, there is even some anecdotal evidence to suggest that these communities are better equipped than larger congregate settings to prevent the disease’s spread.

With baby boomers becoming senior citizens every day by the thousands, many will need some form of care. Thus, it is incumbent upon the caregiving community to continue evolving and finding innovative ways of doing business. The universal worker concept means the communities have fewer workers coming and going, enabling caregivers to develop much closer relationships with residents. Indeed, Camellia Place is doing its part to help America’s seniors live out their days adding life to years.

Camellia Place Assisted Living Allows Residents To Live With Purpose

A Different Model For Assisted Living – Welcome to the Neighborhood?

Assisted Living and Memory Care Woodstock Ga
Camellia Place Assisted Living Allows Residents To Live With Purpose

Camellia Place takes a personalized, and family-style approach to assisted living. This small home neighborhood model is creating a new and improved standard of care for the elderly.

The Camellia Place mission is to ‘add life to years’ rather than just years to life, and this commitment to personalized care permeates every aspect of our assisted living community. Located in scenic Woodstock, Georgia, Camellia Place is only two miles away from historic Downtown Woodstock and less than an hour from Atlanta. 

Assisted living‘ often conjures up negative images of dingy, old-fashioned buildings; cramped, hallway-style living or cold, clinical facilities that senior citizens are relegated to in their twilight years. At Camellia Place, this could not be further from reality. We understand that the current system of impersonal, institutionalized care is completely out of touch with the vitality and individuality of your loved ones, so we take a different approach.

Camellia Place offers specialized communities for three categories of seniors:

1. Those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia
2. Those who require varying levels of assistance with daily living
3. Those who need temporary or emergency respite care

When a new resident moves in, he or she is placed into one of the neighborhood’s unique, family-style homes according to his or her needs. 

Regardless of whether seniors are temporary guests or long-term residents, they are treated with the same respect, love, and dignity that would be afforded to a dear family member. The staff of Camellia Place provides total support physically, mentally, and emotionally to every person in their care.

Camellia Place features eight spacious homes. Each home has 16 individual suites as well as a shared living area with a kitchen, living room, and dining room in the center. This allows residents to foster deep friendships while maintaining a sense of independence and pride.

“Our grounds feature distinct, single-story houses that allow residents to experience the joys of family-style living while also giving them private suites that are tailored to their needs.

Each home is thoughtfully designed to facilitate varying levels of independence, and this is taken into consideration when your loved one is placed into his or her new house. All of our homes are safe and secure, and there is a full complement of direct care staff available at all times to ensure the health and safety of the residents,” says Lisa Hatton, Sales Director of Camellia Place.

Camellia Place offers safe, family-oriented living

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s natural for families to feel apprehensive about permitting their loved ones to move to an assisted living community. This worry is likely compounded by the concerns surrounding traditional assisted living models.

While it is true that most traditional assisted living facilities are overcrowded and understaffed, the spacious, neighborhood-style layout of Camellia Place could not be further removed from this. The grounds design lends itself to safe, family-oriented living that allows seniors to interact with members of their own household without risking their health.

Director Andrew McFall says:
“We don’t want to downplay the challenges of managing the well-being of residents and staff during this time of chaos, but we are holding our own and we think doing it pretty darn well. Our focus will always remain on adding life to years, to us that means taking necessary steps to ensure safety, but never losing sight of the softer side of love and care.”

Camellia Place is owned and operated by local leaders in the healthcare sphere, and every single staff member is passionate about delivering engaged and person-centered care.

This revolutionary style of care is called the Household Model of Senior Living, and it is the basis of what makes Camellia Place different.

The Camellia Place approach to assisted living care was born from the founders’ personal mission to develop an exceptional community that not only cared for its residents but nurtured them in mind, body, and spirit.

If you would like more information, please call (770) 296-1513, or connect with Camellia Place via Facebook.

Adding Life to Senior Years at Camellia Place

Assisted Living, at Camellia Place, is full of Surprises in Woodstock, GA

Small Home Assisted Living and Memory Care Neighborhood in Georgia

The Camellia Place mission is to “add life to years” rather than just years to life, and this commitment to personalized care permeates every aspect of life in this assisted living and memory care neighborhood.

Assisted Living Activities

“Who needs a community pool when you have a home-made slip and slide. Made me tired just watching all the trips back and forth, but the big smiles, belly laughs, gestures of joy made all of us feel like a kid again. We know it’s a hit when the chant is “do it again”, so count on seeing this one again soon”, exclaims, the director of Camellia Place, Andrew McFall.

Adding ‘Life to Years’ During the Pandemic

As we learn to adjust to the COVID-19 era, the design of the Camellia Place assisted living and memory care community lends itself to safe, family-oriented living that allows seniors to interact with members of their own household without risking their health. The neighborhood design also lets residents walk out onto the grounds and participate in activities. Being creative during this crisis keeps the residents encouraged even when they don’t see their family members as often as they like.

Residents have been able to participate in ‘backyard BBQs and concerts ‘in the park’ taking place in the courtyard located in the center of the community where residents can watch, dance and sing along from their front porches and sidewalks.

The Camellia Place approach to assisted living and memory care was born from the founders’ personal mission to develop an exceptional neighborhood that not only cared for its residents but nurtured them in mind, body and spirit. The kind of living they would want for their own parents.  This mission is echoed in the dedication and support of the staff and caregivers.

As executive director, Andrew says, “If we keep doing our best, our hope is that Residents stay safe and family members have a sense of peace knowing that Mom and Dad are in good hands. We are all one family, and this is just what family does.”

If you would like more information, please call (770) 296-1513, or connect with Camellia Place in Woodstock, via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.