Helping Loved ones choose assisted living REal Talk at Camellia Place

Starting the Conversation with Loved Ones about Assisted Living

Helpful tips on helping loved ones choose assisted living.

We spend decades learning to be self-sufficient.  We get it; with age comes tough challenges, but we picture that happening to others, not to ourselves. So when it hits close to home, it is hard to admit to a problem, ask for help, or realize that things may not be the same as they have always been.

The need for change takes many forms. It may be sudden due to an accident or hospitalization. It may be gradual with noticeable lapses in memory, questionable decision making, changes in socialization habits, or decline in hygiene or eating. The key is recognizing that something is not right, and that is when the conversation starts. 

As with most uneasy conversations, planning is key. Honestly, trust yourself, you know what feels right, and there is no right or wrong answer. You know yourself, know your loved one, and how uneasy conversations are traditionally handled in your family. If writing down your thoughts and feelings helps, write a letter … make some notes and talk over the phone … set a time a talk in person. 

Don’t expect this to be one and done; reaching the right decision is key, and getting there will be a process. Here are some scenarios that will help start the conversation.