Hannah Duckworth
Registered Nurse

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“One of my greatest privileges has been caring for seniors,” says Hannah Duckworth. “I encourage others to reach out and volunteer as well.”

Hannah Duckworth RN is Assisted Living Care Coordinator at Camellia Place. While her early ambitions were focused on the arts, she now applies her creative talents in the art and heart of nursing. In her role, she oversees care coordination for assisted living residents across the community they call home – Camellia Place.

Prior to becoming a registered nurse (RN), Hannah completed an Associate Degree in Fine Arts. She desired a career as an artist with a major company like Disney or Marvel Comics. But life events set her on a different path. Inspired by her mom — who pursued a new passion and career at the age of 45 and now serves as executive director of memory care at a facility in Illinois — Hannah treasures the honor and privilege of taking care of seniors.

“Life happens in seasons and often takes you in a direction you don’t anticipate,” says Hannah. “So, don’t stress about hard-set life goals based on societal norms in your young adulthood.” Hardworking, empathetic, passionate, artistic, smart and goofy are just a few character traits that describe Hannah. She enjoys reading, sketching and playing video games, and more recently learning to crochet, when she’s not working.

Hannah is right at home at Camellia Place, using her creative talents and clinical expertise and adding life to years for our residents.