Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions about Camellia Place. If your question is not specific to Camellia Place, it may be among general questions addressed in one of these helpful links below or you may e-mail us.

What are you doing in regards to Covid-19?

What’s different about Camellia Place?

Camellia Place was founded to elevate expectations in assisted living and memory care. Meals are prepared and shared family-style in your home. Attention to detail is obvious across the eight-acre property with interconnected and purposefully designed indoor and outdoor spaces. Your needs are anticipated to ensure continuous safety, dignity, and comfort. And opportunities to enrich your life are everyday occasions.

What does the map of the neighborhood look like?

Camellia Place Site Map

How long can I or my loved one live at Camellia Place?

Great time and care is spent on the front-end making sure Camellia Place is the right place for you/your loved one. While we hope to meet your needs indefinitely, Camellia Place provides assisted living care to adults who require varying degrees of assistance with activities of daily living but do not require continuous medical or nursing care.

Can someone with dementia live at Camellia Place?

Our highly trained staff is committed to caring for those who have any form of dementia with compassion and empathy. Forms of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and Parkinson’s disease. While our homes and suites have the same amenities for those who need memory care services as those who do not, safety for and a watchful eye on those who are prone to unsafe wandering are our top priorities. Assistance is available 24 hours a day.

Because our outdoor courtyards are secured, even access to fresh outdoor breezes is available as long as it is deemed safe for the resident. Escorts are provided to memory care residents outside their secure home if they want to attend a worship service at the Community House or take a walk in the park.

How do I know if Camellia Place can meet my care needs?

Our care managers conduct assessments to determine individual care needs and develops a personalized plan of care in collaboration with you and your family. If the assessment concludes that our community does not meet your specific needs, we can suggest options that might be a better fit. Through a person-centered approach, care coordination and open communication, we enrich hearts, engage minds and enhance health.

What are the private suites like?

Residents have private suites designed for independence and privacy. Each private suite has a private bathroom, individual thermostat controls, walk-in closets, large windows and nine-foot ceilings. Residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms with personal furnishings and decor.

Camellia Place suite 100 model

All suites have:

      • Queen bed, mattress and headboard
      • Individual thermostat control
      • Nine-foot ceilings
      • Bathrooms with handheld shower sprays
      • Walk-in closets/dressing rooms
      • Window views of nature

Floor plans differ only due to the location of your suite in the house and the layout of the bathroom and closet/dressing room. Here are examples of two furniture plans.

Am I able to customize my suite?

Absolutely, it’s your suite. We want you to feel right at home surrounded by your favorite things. Contact us to find out what is available for you and you are welcome to customize your suite with your own familiar furniture and décor that makes you comfortable.

Is the whole neighborhood wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all private resident suites and houses are wheelchair accessible. Outdoor spaces provide safe, ADA-grade paved paths lined with plants and flowers blooming in every season.

Is transportation available?

Transportation is provided in wheelchair accessible vehicles and can be scheduled for trips to local appointments, errands and outings.

Can visitors come at any time?

Family members and resident guests are welcome anytime when residents would like visitors. Visit with community team members for more details.

Can couples live together?

Our suites can accommodate couples.

Are there outdoor living spaces to enjoy?

Attention to detail is obvious across the eight-acre property and purposefully designed outdoor space. Gardenesque views provide a peaceful backdrop for life at Camellia Place. Whether you are looking out your window, walking to the Community House or watching children run in the two-acre park, over 100 varieties of flowers and plants will greet you throughout the year. Approximately two miles of paved walkways are graced with lush plantings. Each home has a covered front porch and an open courtyard.

What health services do you offer?

Our skilled caregivers are knowledgeable in the special health and wellness needs of seniors. When needed, we will coordinate health services.

On-site and on-call services by primary care and specialty physicians and clinicians are available in collaboration with Camellia Place staff to improve life and living for residents. Our total care approach is designed to minimize unnecessary hospital admissions, identify potential problems, and avoid preventable complications through early intervention.

On-site services also include physical, occupational and speech therapies as well as pharmacy services. Our focus on well-being offers exceptional security and peace of mind knowing that specialized care and expertise are just around the corner.

How am I billed for health services?

All services are billed directly by the provider in the same way your current physician and other providers bill you.

What are your staffing ratios?

Staffing ratios at Camellia Place in both assisted living and memory care exceed state requirements.

  • 1 to 8 caregiver-to-resident ratio during waking hours (versus the state requirement of 1 to 15)
  • 1 to 16 ratio during sleeping hours (versus the state requirement of 1 to 25).

Staffing patterns are tailored for each home’s unique situation, resident profiles and specific acuity levels.

Is smoking permitted?

For the health and safety of our residents, visitors and employees, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Camellia Place property.

Are pets welcome?

Although pets do not live at Camellia Place, we encourage pets to visit with friends or family members as long as they clean up after the pet. All vaccinations and licensing for pets visiting at Camellia Place must be and remain current. Pets that are, or become, disruptive to the home or community will not be allowed on the premises.

Is a security deposit required? How about other fees?

Reserve your private suite at Camellia Place with a $500 deposit. When it is time to move in, your deposit will be applied to the one-time community fee of $2,500.

How much does it cost to live at Camellia Place?

The Camellia Place cost structure is simply based on the level of care needed, not on the floor plan or location of your suite in the home. We use a comprehensive assessment of physical, emotional and functional status to establish an appropriate care level for each resident, based on your individual needs and information provided by your family and caregivers. The assessment is monitored regularly for both assisted living and memory care residents.

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*Basic services are part of the base monthly rate for both assisted living and memory care and include meals and snacks; weekly laundry and housekeeping; engaging programs; scheduled transportation; ongoing health evaluations, and much more.

How do I pay for care at Camellia Place?

The resident or their families pay Camellia Place for the monthly cost of assisted living and memory care. If the resident has long-term care insurance or is eligible for the Veteran Affairs Pension, you may receive reimbursement for expenses. The federal Medicare program does not cover the cost of assisted living.

I am a Veteran, do I qualify for any benefits towards Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Veterans may qualify for long term care benefits. To learn more, visit… https://www.patriotangels.com/


How can I apply for a job or volunteer?

We greatly appreciate those in our community who would like to embrace our philosophy and priorities to help us provide life-enhancing experiences for our residents, their families, and friends.

Please Visit Our Employment Page for more Volunteer and Career opportunities.