Memory Care for Loved Ones with Dementia or Alzheimers

a personalized community approach

At Camellia Place, memory care residents are part of the larger community and are actively engaged in community-wide activities on a daily basis. These interactions give our residents a unique quality of life.  We have 3 unique secured houses each designed for safety, with areas for group activities or individual interests. All meals are served in each home. There is no cafeteria only the individual dining rooms in each house. Additionally, there is a social time in the living room.  During the assessment process, we work with families to choose the best residence for your loved one.

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Memory care is the best solution for parents and loved ones who are diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimers.

Our focus is on integration not isolation, a true neighborhood where residents from Memory Care and Alzheimers Programs engage in group activities together on a daily basis in our Camellia Place Community and out about in the city of Woodstock.

Each house has 16 private suites and our base staffing reflects a standard of 1 direct caregiver to every 8 residents during waking hours, and 1 to 16 during sleeping hours.

Our care team empathizes with each resident’s situation, remains loving & positive, and is dedicated to helping them feel safe, secure and valued. Here a person with dementia receives programming that understands them as an individual.

We provide a balance of opportunities, so our residents experience meaningful engagement throughout the day, ranging from formal activities to in-the-moment unstructured ones.

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We view every experience, moment by moment, as therapeutic.

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Therapeutic programming is intended to establish routine and structure which enhances the quality of life for every resident.

A structured routine is coupled with spontaneous individualized activities designed to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. The final component is the provision of adequate time for individualized rest and sleep, designed to re-energize and rejuvenate.

In our memory Care Houses, therapeutic structure and routine are provided 7 days per week. Residents can choose daily from a variety of activities, head out on an adventure into the community, or stay in the neighborhood and enjoy our amazing volunteers and visiting entertainers.

Check out our activities calendar for more information.

“Thank you to so many for finding ways in a memory care unit to continually brighten the days of my mother-in-law for the last two years. The love + kindness she was shown by your staff, up until the very end, constantly and consistently reaffirmed this was THE best home for her. We couldn’t be more appreciative for you all and all that you did.”

K. Wenzel

“You have made the best!! I love this place. There are people everywhere to help. My husband is in building 100. I am in 300. He needs lots of help. I don’t but we both get what we need — a loving staff and a zillion other great things.”

Mrs. J

My dear friend is always talking about how wonderful everyone is at Camellia Place and how she loves it there! So nice to hear since we miss her back here in New Jersey ! Thanks for all your caring ways !”

E. Sivori
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  • Each home is led by a dedicated team of nursing, engagement, and care staff with training and expertise in caring for the individual.
  • Our Manager of Memory Care is a nursing leader dedicated to the oversight of all resident needs, team member supervision, and care and service coordination.
  • Our holistic approach begins with the resident assessment and development of the individual service plan. Changing needs are routinely identified through staff interaction with the resident and/or family. Regular review and modification of the individual personal care plans, lead to changes in staffing, the environment, and approaches to care and programming.
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