Concerts for Assisted Living Residents in Woodstock

Concerts in the Park are a lovely way for Assisted Living residents to enjoy the afternoon.


The New Face of Assisted Living

“Assisted living” is a term you hear quite often when talking about aging and senior lifestyles. It might come as a surprise to you that this concept is fairly new, having begun in the 1970’s.  Prior to that time there weren’t many options for aging seniors, and any available option tended to be cold and impersonal.

Not so today. Through the years, not only have seniors become more knowledgeable, aware and discerning, but progressive communities have adapted to offer a variety of sophisticated options that make assisted living viable and attractive. Each day, more than 10,000 turn 65-years-old. And the 21st Century face of assisted living is being redefined to be an appealing, life-giving community with many wonderful options.


Most assisted living communities today offer amenities and social activity options. Many are luring families in with ‘nice’ landscaping, ‘helpful’ staff and ‘decent’ food. Yet, even though the options have changed and the image is upgraded – the current assisted living model is letting us down. Owned by major corporations and driven by the bottom line, they cannot provide the level of care, compassion and conditions where aging residents thrive and find joy.

That is why we built Camellia Place. We are locally owned by engaged and committed healthcare leaders who set out to change the perception and break old paradigms. We are elevating expectations of assisted living and memory care and providing a quality of life that brings peace of mind. Camellia Place is the first community of its kind. Nestled in eight beautifully landscaped acres, this neighborhood is composed of six single story homes with only 16 residents in each, eliminating even the hint of institutional care.


“Adding Life To Years” is not just a phrase. It is an honest, person-centered approach to care that is deliberate and transformational. Through open communication—as well as leveraging individual strengths and choices—we enrich hearts, engage minds and increase “social capital.” This translates into happy residents who feel their personal best and look forward to each new day.

We are a community committed to delivering uncompromising, person-centered care. Our follow-thru: we have the highest staff-to-resident ratio and on-site physician and physical therapist offices. By following a model of care that’s both efficient and proactive, we’re able to anticipate the needs of our individual residents, ensuring continuous safety, dignity and comfort.


At Camellia Place, you will find a level of attention to detail only found in five-star hotels. Our attention to detail begins with safety and training, and continues through architectural design, gardens, fabrics, décor and surroundings to stimulate, not stagnate, the senses. We’ve achieved an environment that your family will be happy to visit, and you’ll be proud to call home.

We are just over one year old and have already been nationally recognized as the 2017 Senior Living Center of the Year by, and locally, we garnered the 2017 Reader’s Choice Award from TownLaker Magazine in Woodstock.


Our years of experience in the healthcare industry and our genuine passion for people have shaped our mission of healthcare and caregiving. We are an active and deliberate partner with the community, both now and in the future. Also, because we are locally owned, our owners are present, accessible, dedicated and actively engaged.


At Camellia Place, our chef prepares family-style meals which are served in each house. Our beautifully manicured green space, walking paths and abundant activities create opportunities where everyone can thrive. And we offer an active social atmosphere where the residents are happy and can develop new relationships.

For many of today’s seniors who might benefit from help with various daily activities —such as dispensing medications, traveling to appointments, meal preparation, and household chores, the move to assisted living community isn’t primarily about medical necessity.

It’s about a choice of lifestyle. It is a quality of life decision.

ADDING LIFE TO YEARS.  Your loved ones have lived enriched and full lives. Their story doesn’t stop now. The next chapter is a time to cherish family, make new friends, and embrace each day. If you are considering assisted living for yourself or someone you love, you owe it to yourself to see the new ‘face’ of assisted living. We encourage you to visit and take a no-pressure tour. If you have questions, we are eager to help you find the answers.  Click on the link below and receive a free PDF download of your helpful guide to finding the perfect home:


exercise at memory care woodstock ga

Body Recall: An Exercise Program Like No Other

At Camellia Place, one of our core philosophies is “adding life to years”. We find an incredible amount of value in our residents becoming a part of our community and having enriching experiences every day. One of the valuable experiences that we are dedicated to is our Body Recall class. Held every Tuesday morning in ten week increments, Body Recall emphasizes strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The class is lead by Nathan Brandon, our Director of Marketing and Communications, and our local Body Recall expert. Not only does Nathan teach our classes, but he is Body Recall trained and certified, “I received training as a Body Recall Instructor in January of 1986, during the week of the NASA Space Challenger disaster. We spent Sunday night through the following Saturday attending classes and receiving instruction in how the program should be taught. Then, I received recertification in January of 2013 by attending a week long recertification class,” Nathan explains.

Nathan’s expertise doesn’t end there. In fact, he leads a group that started three years ago at Cherokee County Senior Services. While it started with humble beginnings, now their enrollment has grown to an enrollment of over 100 seniors! He says, “We average 65 to 70 seniors each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for class. Since we outgrew the Senior Center,  we now meet at the Boys & Girls Club gymnasium on Univeter Road. The seniors’ commitment to the class, and to one another, has been an inspiration to me.”

Body Recall at Camellia Place














A majority of the movements in Body Recall are performed from a chair, so that safety is maintained, but seniors get to experience a little fun, too. In fact, they get great joy out of using the large, colorful parachute in class. While there are many advantages in participating, one of the main benefits is that participants have successful exercise experiences that help them remain independent as long as possible. The class also includes fall recovery training that helps them safely move to the floor from their chair, and then safely return to their seat. Most guests experience the joy of successfully completing an hour of movement leaving them invigorated and refreshed. Even more encouraging? No previous experience is required. Through the use of specific movements and the use of apparatus such as foam balls, elastic bands and wooden sticks, they experience all the benefits of full range of motion and sustained strength.

Body Recall participants














Of course, participants reap more than physical benefits. “The classes also provide meaningful social and physical activities. By the end of ten weeks, seniors have experienced mutual support and encouragement, so that they feel a part of the group,” Nathan shares. He continues, “The Body Recall program fits perfectly with the philosophy of care that exists at Camellia Place. The ability to “add life to years” for our residents is accomplished through the benefits of Body Recall. Currently, we have 17 residents of nearby communities that enjoy Body Recall each Tuesday morning at the Community House.”

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