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for your family member and loved one

Camellia Place is an organization driven by a mission of adding life to years in providing assisted living and memory care services and nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of those we serve and employ. 

     Our vision is to be a model-assisted living community by continually learning and providing extraordinary care and services whereby our encounters with residents create life-enhancing experiences that build lasting relationships.

     The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve and care for residents.  For this reason, we invest significant resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. We interview and hire based on behavioral-based interview criteria ensuring caring and compassion are core values.

Camellia Place Founders

Many Assisted Living and Respite Facilities are built by investors. Not in our case, this was a personal mission. 

As the founding partners, we were inspired by our personal passion to care for our own aging moms who were on the dementia journey, becoming less independent and requiring a higher level of assistance. 

On a mission to find a community that exemplified safety, personalized care, compassion and joy, we soon realized that the place we sought for our mothers did not exist. This realization pushed us to look for a new way to make a significant difference in not only the care of our own mothers but in the care of others in need of assistance as well. 

Camellia Place was born out of a need, and a conversation among gifted and knowledgeable friends. We invite you to visit and learn more.

We invite you to Discover what is unique about Camellia Place and Desire that we become the new Home of your family member or loved one.


A few distinctive qualities that set Camellia Place apart.

  • a neighborhood of single-story homes
  • mealtimes are served in homes around a dining table
  • our chef-prepared meals are tailored for residents
  • a daily variety of activities for individual and group engagement
  • variety of amenities such as an Art room, Beauty Shop, Transportation

Learn more about our RESIDENCES, LIFE ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM, and take a TOUR.

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Inspiration in Memory Care and Assisted Living

This excerpt from the Steve Shields book: In Pursuit of Sunbeam: A Practical Guide to Transformation from Institution to Household was inspirational to our founders during the planning phases of Camellia Place. 

“Nobody intended it this way, after all, people living in these institutions are our parents, our relatives, our friends, neighbors, and former colleagues. We know them… they gave us life, counseled, encourages and admonished us when we needed it. They served in government, fought wars, and put out fires. They built roads, schools, and hospitals. They did what we asked and needed of them.  When one by one they grew old, they passed responsibility for the world to each of us, wished us well hoping we would do better, in return, we owe them more than they are getting. One day, sooner than we think, we will become the elders and pass the baton to our children.”

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