Life Engagement Program for Residents

instilling a healthy balanced lifestyle

Residents in Assisted Living Woodstock Ga

We create opportunities for individual and group engagement to enhance everyone’s experience and upholds the Lifestyle, Vision, and Heart of Camellia Place developed by our founders.

We carefully plan for each resident to feel a sense of belonging in our community while defining their own legacy among us.

Celebrating Veterans Day Camellia Place
Ball bounce in the Camellia Room

Our Mind, Body & Soul design structure helps us focus on creating activities and experiences that encourage a balanced lifestyle, healthy well-being and a happy outlook on daily life.

Assisted Living Alzheimers and Dementia Care for Loved ones
Care for Parents with Dementia

We use our Mind-Body-Soul programming concept to make sure that what we offer is a well-balanced variety of activities and events.

MIND ~ Our residents deserve intentional planning for cognitive and intellectual stimulation, conversation, creative outlets, and memory exercises.

BODY ~ We want our residents to have access to different styles of exercise: classes, walking clubs, golf, yard games and more. Being an active participant in nature by gardening, fishing and even taking in the sun from the porches.

SOUL ~ We offer spiritual services for our residents. We also host small and large social events that invite families and the community to participate with us. We want our residents to feel connected to the community and their surroundings as well as their emotions.

We offer a daily variety of activity options for memory care and assisted living residents.

memory care activities

One-to-one ~ a front porch coffee talk with a caregiver, or a chess match with a high school volunteer.

Small group (2-5 participants) ~ our knitting group gathering in the living room, or a walk after lunch.

Large group (6+ participants) ~ a movie matinee in the Camellia Room, or our Friday Happy Hour

Therapy techniques that we include in our activities are but not limited to..

  • Art & Creative therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Aroma and essential oil therapy
  • Music therapy

“Thank you to so many for finding ways in a memory care unit to continually brighten the days of my mother-in-law for the last two years. The love + kindness she was shown by your staff, up until the very end, constantly and consistently reaffirmed this was THE best home for her. We couldn’t be more appreciative for you all and all that you did.”

K. Wenzel

“You have made the best!! I love this place. There are people everywhere to help. My husband is in building 100. I am in 300. He needs lots of help. I don’t but we both get what we need — a loving staff and a zillion other great things.”

Mrs. J

My dear friend is always talking about how wonderful everyone is at Camellia Place and how she loves it there! So nice to hear since we miss her back here in New Jersey ! Thanks for all your caring ways !”

E. Sivori

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Who plans & leads the activities for residents?

Assisted Living Activities CamelliaPlace

Our Life Engagement Team, the Leadership Team, Caregivers, Volunteers, family members and our residents too!

We are constantly learning, exploring and playing with new ideas. Offering new activities, excursions and adventures on and off site based on the interests, wish lists and needs of our residents.

We also offer PreProgramming specific to residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s which you can explore more on our Memory Care Page

Our Memory Care programming centers around a strategic schedule, starting the day with more stimulating activities, and ending with activities to calm and minimize the effects of sundowning.

Our focus is on integration not isolation, a true neighborhood where daily, residents from MC and AL engage together in group activities in our Camellia Place Community and out about in our city.


We help your loved one remember what they enjoyed in their younger years: playing the piano, singing hymns, gardening or tinkering. 

Art Therapy Camellia Place Activities

We design experiences and activities for each resident in our memory care based on their personality, needs, and abilities. We offer music, art, pet and aroma therapies. 

Our team is dedicated to lifelong learning and enrichment – every day for every person.

Activities for Seniors

Our Goals for the Residents of Camellia Place:

  • We are intentional in EVERYTHING! Ex. planning activities, events, trips and communications with families, staff and community
  • We want abled residents to have their independence, to head out of the community, and to help run activities. We are available to help make activities happen for residents at their request.
  • We want our residents to try new things & challenge themselves in new ways.
  • We want them to be a part of something important and to feel valued.
  • We offer opportunities for them to share their lives, talents, and stories.
  • We help offer opportunities for fellowship, socially and spiritually.
  • We help our residents connect to the community in and outside of Camellia Place.
  • We will offer activities, education, and opportunities for a healthy lifestyle.

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