Allison Suh
Activities Coordinator

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“Be willing to try new things, and find what you love,” says Allison Suh. “It will bring you joy.”

Allison joined the Camellia Place team as a caregiver in 2017. Recently, she became the Life Engagement coordinator, a role she sites as the most significant one in her career to date. “To be an advocate for and a trusted friend to our residents is very rewarding work.”

As coordinator of Life Engagement, Allison is responsible for choosing, planning and implementing programs and events for residents. She ensures that activities are engaging, accessible and safe. From creative arts and yoga classes to art or music programs and group walks or outings, residents are offered abundant opportunities to thrive at Camellia Place. These activities enrich lives and make every day a special occasion.

When reflecting on her Camellia Place work thus far, Allison says she is “surprised every day at how a little creativity, spontaneous fun and smiles can make a difference in life.” 

Allison is no stranger to the Woodstock community, having graduated from Kell High School in nearby Marietta, GA. She and her husband, Jordan, spend their free time at the t-ball and baseball fields with their two young sons and enjoy “just goofing around at home together.”